Additional Evidence Not Supporting Far Transfer

(#1) By mikeD on Fri 09/27/2013 01:01 pm CDT (4 years ago)[reply]
A new study by Sprenger et al. (2013) just came out in Intelligence. We report 2 experiments (total N=253) and fail to show any evidence of transfer beyond the trained tasks or tasks that were highly similar to the trained tasks. We also report what I think is an informative analysis using Bayes Factors, which shows that the evidence is stongly in favor of the null hypothesis that training does not work. We will also be posting a new article soon, which illustrates that a commonly used analysis technique in the WM training literature is inferentially invalid (Tidwell, Dougherty, Chrabaszcz, Thomas, & Mendoza, accepted pending minor revisions). -- Mike Dougherty
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