Demand Effects in Braintraining Studies

(#1) By H. Pashler on Mon 07/30/2012 08:06 pm CDT (5 years ago)[reply]
I am worried that positive findings may sometimes occur when subjects realize that "today is the big day when we see if all my work has paid off". I have two questions: 1. What are the best ways to avoid this? 2. Are there any positive studies involving relatively "far transfer" (admittedly a vague concept) that incorporated a strong control for demand effects? Hal
(#2) By Jack* on Tue 11/06/2012 01:56 pm CST (5 years ago)[reply]
See comments by Mahncke here. These offer one idea for control for demand effects:
(#3) By JamesSmith2013 on Tue 07/30/2013 12:11 pm CDT (4 years ago)[reply]
Brain training studies are merely important concern with it's importance and flabbergast use also..
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