Priming with A or F did not affect analogy scores (#173)

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Reference to Report of Original Finding Ciani, K.D. & Sheldon, K.M. (2010). A versus F: the effects of implicit letter priming on cognitive performance. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 80, 99-119.
Reference to Published Report of Replication Attempt Carlin, S.P. & Standing, L.G. (2013). Is intelligence enhanced by letter priming? A failure to replicate the results of Ciani and Sheldon (2010). Psychological Reports, 112(2), 533-544.
Title Priming with A or F did not affect analogy scores
If the original article contained multiple experiments, which one did the authors attempt to replicate? e.g., you might respond 'Study 1' or 'Experiment 4'. Experiment 2
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Brief Statement of Original Result Subjects who had been primed with the letter A in their ID, outside their conscious awareness, scored higher on an analogies test than subjects primed with an F. A prime of the letter J yielded intermediate scores.
Type of Replication Attempted Fairly Direct Replication
Result Type Failure to Replicate
Number of Subjects 116
Any other details on results or statistics that you want to mention? The mean scores out of 15 for the analogies test (SD in parentheses) were as follows. Letter A prime: 10.79 (2.68) Letter J prime: 10.79 (2.36) Letter F prime: 10.85 (2.89) These means differ by only 0.6% (p > .05), whereas the target article reports that the A prime raised scores by 53% in Experiment 2.
Difference? No
Any Known Methodological Differences
(between original and present study)?
The procedures of Experiment 2 were followed as exactly as possible in every detail. However it should be noted that the subjects were Canadians, and the use of letter grades is probably not as common in Canada as in the USA where the original study was performed.
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