Preference for warm foods in anxiously attached Ps (#159)

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Reference to Report of Original Finding Vess, M (2012, Study 1). Warm Thoughts: Attachment Anxiety and Sensitivity to Temperature Cues. Psychological Science, 23, 472-474.
Reference to Published Report of Replication Attempt LeBel, E. P., & Campbell, L. (in press). Heightened sensitivity to temperature cues in highly anxiously attached individuals: Real or elusive phenomenon? Psychological Science.
Title Preference for warm foods in anxiously attached Ps
If the original article contained multiple experiments, which one did the authors attempt to replicate? e.g., you might respond 'Study 1' or 'Experiment 4'. Study 1
Link to PDF of Original Report
Brief Statement of Original Result Highly anxiously attached individuals reported heightened preferences for warm foods after reflecting on a past romantic breakup compared to a control condition.
Type of Replication Attempted Highly Direct Replication
Result Type Failure to Replicate
Number of Subjects 219
Any other details on results or statistics that you want to mention? Critical interaction coefficient: Beta = .02 [95% C.I = -.12,.15], t(214)=.22, p>.83, f-squared=.0002. Sample had power of .98 to detect effect as large as that reported by Vess, i.e., f-squared=.07.
Difference? Opposite Direction, .83
Any Known Methodological Differences
(between original and present study)?
No known differences identified between replication study and original study.
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