Exposure to money makes people selfish etc. (#123)

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Reference to Report of Original Finding Vohs, K. D., Mead, N. L., and Goode, M. R. (2006). The psychological consequences of money. Science, 314, 1154.
Reference to Published Report of Replication Attempt http://bit.ly/NGQf1L
Title Exposure to money makes people selfish etc.
If the original article contained multiple experiments, which one did the authors attempt to replicate? e.g., you might respond 'Study 1' or 'Experiment 4'.
Link to PDF of Original ReportView Article
Brief Statement of Original Result Exposure to money makes people less helpful, more inclined to play and work alone.
Type of Replication Attempted Fairly Direct Replication
Result Type Failure to Replicate
Number of Subjects 0
Any other details on results or statistics that you want to mention?
Difference? Not Applicable
Any Known Methodological Differences
(between original and present study)?
See thesis: http://bit.ly/NGQf1L
TAG: Attention TAG: JDM TAG: Language TAG: Learning TAG: Memory TAG: Perception TAG: Performance TAG: Problem Solving TAG: Social Cognition TAG: Social Psychology TAG: Thinking
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Are you posting an unpublished replication attempt that you conducted yourself, or noting a published replication attempt?

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