Interaction of social primes on knowledge (#118)

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Reference to Report of Original Finding Bry, C., Follenfant, A., & Meyer, T. (2008). Blond like me: When self-construals moderate stereotype priming effects on intellectual performance. Journal of Experimental Psychology.
Reference to Published Report of Replication Attempt Bry, C., Gabarrot, F., & Toma, C. (2011). The blond, the dumb and the ugly: Does self-stereotyping mediate prime-to-behavior effects?
Title Interaction of social primes on knowledge
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Brief Statement of Original Result Interaction between being primed with female blondness and feelings of inter-/inde-pendence on Trivial Pursuit performan
Type of Replication Attempted Fairly Exact Replication
Result Type Successful Replication
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Original study used blond men as control prime, whereas replication used half men, half women, mostly dark-haired (though not all). The replication had an additional task in which participants rated themselves on 10 traits that are stereotypical or counter-stereotypical of blonds. It is not clear whether the same 20 Trivial Pursuit questions were used in both tasks. Note that the basic interaction appeared in both studies, however the exact pair-wise comparisons were different. In original, those in the blond-interdependent condition were significantly worse than control-interdependent, but there was no significant difference between blond-independent and control-independent. In the replication, the reverse was true. However, the interaction was the important part, so this should count as (mostly) a replication.
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