Spatial representations do not prime temporal ones (#117)

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Reference to Report of Original Finding Boroditsky, L. (2001). Does language shape thought?: Mandarin and English speakers' conceptions of time. Cognitive Psychology, 43, 1-22
Reference to Published Report of Replication Attempt January, D. & Kako, E. (2007). Re-evaluating evidence for linguistic relativity: Reply to Boroditsky (2001).
Title Spatial representations do not prime temporal ones
If the original article contained multiple experiments, which one did the authors attempt to replicate? e.g., you might respond 'Study 1' or 'Experiment 4'. English study
Link to PDF of Original Report
Brief Statement of Original Result English speakers' processing of time is primed by horizontal spatial displays, not vertical.
Type of Replication Attempted Highly Exact Replication
Result Type Failure to Replicate
Number of Subjects
Any other details on results or statistics that you want to mention?
Difference? Opposite Direction, .2
Any Known Methodological Differences
(between original and present study)?
There were six replication attempts, all of which failed. According to authors, the only differences between the original study and the attempts 5 and 6 is that (1) Boroditsky used each target twice, while they used each only once, and (2) temporal targets appeared only in the first half of hte experiment and spatial targets only in the second (whereas these were interspersed in Boroditsky and in attempts 1-3). Attempts 1-4 had other minor differences such as the placement of the response buttons and whether the maximum RT cutoff of 5 seconds was enforced during the experiment (as in attempts 1-4) or such responses were manually rejected after the experiment (as in attempts 5-6 and Boroditsky). Authors also report a partial 7th attempt that eliminated the remaining differences, but with 8 subjects the results were still in the wrong direction.
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